LightScannerMMLightScanner master mix brilliantly provides a pre-optimized solution specifically designed to deliver superior PCR performance for Hi-Res Melting® and genotyping applications. Our master mix is compatible with all instructions featuring HRM capabilities.

This master mix reduce time and saves money with easy-to-use premixed formulas. This secures downstream success by directly going from PCR to melting curve analysis and eliminate the risk of contamination.

Kit Details

LightScanner Master Mix Kit Contents
This master mix incorporates a Taq polymerase, an antibody-based hot-start method, dNTPs, magnesium chloride, and BioFire Defense’ proprietary LCGreen® PLUS dye and is formulated at a 2.5X concentration.

The antibody-mediated hot-start method means no enzyme pre-activation is required before or during thermocycling, translating into much faster PCR protocol times than other methods of hot-start protection. The master mix includes a concentration of magnesium that is optimized to work for almost all reactions. Additional magnesium chloride solution is provided for further optimization if required. The master mix is also compatible with most additives used to enhance amplification efficiency of high GC amplicons.

Quantity Description
1 x 100 Rxn 2.5X Master Mix
1.5 mL 10 mM MgCI2
1.5 mL Reagent Grade Water
1 LightScanner Master Mix User’s Guide
Ordering Information
No. of Reactions
Catalog No.
HRLS-ASY- 0002


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