Instrument Service Pricing

All instruments returned to BioFire Defense for service and routine maintenance require a significant amount of initial screening to determine the appropriate steps, if any, for repair. In addition, BioFire  thoroughly function checks and QC tests each instrument post repair. This initial review and testing requires several hours of labor, chemistry and other laboratory supplies.

In evaluation of our routine maintenance procedure, we have established the following pricing for our Calibration and QC Service Fee. This fee applies to any instrumentation, not covered by a BioFire Defense Limited Warranty, returned to BioFire Defense for service.

Instrument Calibration and QC Service Fee
RAZOR EX $1,345
FilmArray Please contact Customer Support for details


Discontinued Instrument Service Pricing

The following instruments have been discontinued. Our ability to support these platforms is becoming limited due to their age and our inability to source components used in servicing them. Should one of these systems require repair, please contact Customer Support at 801-262-3592 option 5, who will determine the possible issue and if repair is possible with parts availability.

Instrument Calibration and QC Service Fee
RAZOR III $1,345
R.A.P.I.D. Model 7200 $1,020
R.A.P.I.D. Model 9200 $1,020
RapidCycler 1 and 2 Instruments $175
LightScanner 32, 96 and 384 Instruments $1,345
R.A.P.I.D. LT and R.A.P.I.D. LT FSS Instruments $1,020
HR-1 $275

This fee will include a preventative maintenance check-up, calibration, burn-in, function check and QC by our instrument service and chemistry groups.  Additionally, return freight by FedEx ground within the continental United States will be covered. Often repairs are required and worn or damaged parts are replaced during the preventative maintenance check-up to ensure the instrument will pass our final calibration and QC tests. The parts required to perform these repairs will be billed in addition to the calibration and QC service fee and can be quoted at the time of the preventive maintenance inspection. Instruments that are covered under BioFire Defense Limited and Extended Warranty are not subject to these charges as the warranty covers a once yearly routine maintenance check as well as parts and labor for any required repair.

If you are interested in purchasing extended warranty plans for your instruments please contact our Sales Team at 1-801-262-3592 for pricing information.