Our DNA/RNA extraction and purification kits enable extraction of DNA or RNA from pathogens found in food, water, blood and other sources. Each kit contains all of the necessary ingredients for DNA/RNA purification in a simple, complete and convenient format. All kits contain easy to follow protocols requiring minimal training to reduce the risk of operator error. They have been designed to purify samples for analysis with BioFire Diagnostics’ R.A.P.I.D.® and JBAIDS detection systems.

Purifying DNA or RNA

These kits allow you to purify bacteria and viruses from the same sample and include beads and reagent for mechanical lysis of spores. Each kit contains enoug material to purify up to forty or fifty samples and do not require time-consuming enrichment steps. There are nine unique protocols to extract DNA/RNA from bacteria and viruses from seventeen sample types. The protocols in this kit employ the steps described below.

Purifying DNA
  1. DNA/RNA is extracted from the sample (e.g. cells or spores) through lysis. This is achieved by physical agitation and chemical disruption of the cells with bead-beating.
  2. DNA/RNA is bound and concentrated on a filter.
  3. The DNA/RNA on the filter is washed to remove inhibitors
  4. The DNA/RNA is eluted from the filter.

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Sample Purification Kit Details

The following targets are available for the listed markets
Hazmat Anthrax, Ricin, Smallpox, Plague
Food Safety Listeria, E. coli 0157, Salmonella
Water Safety Cryptosporidium, Salmonella
JBAIDS/US Federal Tularemia, Ebola, Brucella, Anthrax IVD
Environmental Avian Influenza, Botulism, Marburg


Our purification kits can purify the following samples
Medical Blood, Nasal, Culture, Sputum, Gastric, Lymph node, Pus, Stool, Cerebral Spinal Fluid, Nasopharyngeal, Throat
Food Safety Milk, Mixed Greens, Ground Beef, Tuna
Hazmat Air in PBS, Surface, Powder
Environmental Air in PBS, Soil, Water, Stool


Ordering Information
Kit Name and Description
Catalog No.
IT 1-2-3 Platinum Path Sample Purification Kit

Sample Purification Kit for magnetic bead purification of biological, environmental, and food samples

IT 1-2-3 SWIPE Sample Purification Kit*

Sample Purification Kit for purification of nasal swab, surface swab, live culture and powder samples

IT 1-2-3 VIBE Sample Purification Kit*

Sample Purification Kit for purification of sputum samples and RNA from blood and nasal swab samples

IT 1-2-3 RNA Module

An accessory to the Swipe, Flow, Vibe, and QFLOW DNA purification kits and contains items for the purification of RNA 1-2-3 FLOW samples

IT 1-2-3 DNA Sample Purification Kit

Sample Purification and Extraction Kit for minimally trained technicians to extract DNA from environmental sources

*These purification kits require the RNA Module (ASAY-ASY-0501) for some preparation applications. †Large bead tube adapter (P/N PREP-ASY-0001) is required for this kit, but not included.