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Technical Notes
Mutant Allele Amplification Bias (MAAB): a technique requiring rapid-cycling and Hi-Res Melting with LunaProbes on the LightScanner 32. – NEW
LightScanner 32 and HR-1 Comparison
LightScanner and LightScanner 32 LunaProbes Genotyping Apolipoprotein (ApoE) Multiplexed Assay Protocol
LightScanner Hi-Res Melting Comparison of Six Master Mixes for Scanning and Small Amplicon and LunaProbes Genotyping
Hi-Res Melting Question and Answer Document
DNA Melting Analysis: Benefits of High Resolution Systems for Mutation Scanning and Genotyping
Hi-Res Melting For Mutation Scanning Using LCGreen Plus Dye
Overview on ongoing Evaluation of Melting Curve Analysis (MCA) by EuroGentest
PCR Optimization for Hi-Res Melting Applications
The LightScanner System: Ultra Fast Mutation Discovery and Genotyping
Genotyping Using Unlabeled Oligonucleotide Detection Probes
Small Amplicon Genotyping Using the LightScanner™ System
Methylation Sensitive Hi-Res Melting using Calibration
Hi-Res Melting References Sheet
Brochures and Information Sheets
LightScanner Master Mix Information Sheet
LCGreen Plus Information Sheet
Manuals and User Guides
LightScanner Primer Design Quick Reference
Hi-Res Melting Question and Answer
LightScanner Master Mix Users Guide – 100 and 500 Reaction Kit
LightScanner Start-Up Users Guide
LightScanner Start-Up and Installation Instructions for Users
Compatible PCR Plates, Sealing Film, and Mineral Oils for the LightScanner – Updated
Certificates and Awards
CE Declaration of Conformity
Discontinued Items
Insert – CYP2C9*2 Genotyping (Warfarin Target 1)
InsertCYP2C9*3 Genotyping (Warfarin Target 2)
InsertVK1639 Genotyping (Warfarin Target 3)
Information Sheet – Warfarin Genotyping Reagents
MSDS – CYP2C9*2 Genotyping(Warfarin Target 1)
MSDS – CYP2C9*3 Genotyping(Warfarin Target 2)
MSDS – VK1639 Genotyping(Warfarin Target 3)
Booklet – Genotyping Master Mix
MSDS – Genotyping Master Mix
Booklet, 100 and 500 Reaction Kit – High Sensitivity Genotyping MasterMix
Information Sheet – High Sensitivity Genotyping Master Mix Kit
MSDS – High Sensitivity Genotyping Master Mix