About Us

Our passion began to burn in 1990, in the corner of an Idaho potato equipment facility. We started out as Idaho Technology, Inc., developing products with a firm commitment to eliminate disease through smart thinking and product innovation. That spark quickly became an inferno as we introduced a number of “firsts” to the molecular diagnostics and biosurveillance industries. In 2012, we changed our name to BioFire Diagnostics, Inc. to reflect more accurately our outward passion and commitment.

In January 2014 BioFire Diagnostics merged with bioMerieux. To better serve our markets and customers, and meet government regulations on security and business ownership, BioFire Diagnostics split into two companies: BioFire Diagnostics and BioFire Defense. BioFire Diagnostics is now the Center of Excellence for Molecular Diagnostics and responsible for manufacturing, marketing and sales of the FilmArray system. BioFire Defense continues to deliver our fully integrated suite of biological agent identification products and leads the  industry as a world wide support center for emerging and infectious diseases. They have also emerged as a hub for new production innovation in rapid PCR detection technologies for bioMerieux and BioFire Diagnostics.

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    BioFire's Values and Principles

    Our mission is simple and important: To help make the world a healthier and safer place.
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    Product History

    Our product history speaks volumes of our past research, trial and errors and daring risks that have shaped us into what we are today.
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    Careers at BioFire Defense

    Interested in working at BioFire? Learn what makes BioFire a unique work environment and find open positions.