Press Releases

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DOD & HHS Announce DPA Title III Agreement with BioFire Defense, LLC to Expand Domestic Production Capacity for Molecular Diagnostic Testing 08/10/20
bioMérieux receives Emergency Use Authorization for BIOFIRE® COVID-19 test 03/24/20
First of 3 diagnostic tests for SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus available from bioMérieux 03/11/20
BioFire Defense Receives James S. Cogswell Award for Outstanding Industrial Security Excellence 07/22/19
BioFire Defense, a bioMérieux Company, Receives Prestigious Frost & Sullivan’s 2014 Global New Product Innovation Award for its FilmArray® Ebola Test 02/10/15
BioFire Defense Receives EUA of FilmArray Ebola Test 10/25/14
BioFire Defense NGDS Contract Award 03/20/14
bioMérieux makes a significant acquisition in molecular biology in the U.S. with the acquisition of BioFire, bioMérieux consolidates its position as a major player in infectious disease diagnostics 09/03/13
BioFire Initiates Clinical Study for the FilmArray® Gastrointestinal Panel 07/30/13
BioFire Receives FDA Clearance for theFilmArray® Blood Culture Identification Panel 06/25/13
BioFire Obtains CE IVD Mark for FilmArray® Blood Culture Identification Panel 05/06/13
BioFire Diagnostics, Inc. Submits 510(k) Application to FDA for FilmArray® Blood Culture Identification Test 04/16/13
BioFire Diagnostics, Inc. Awarded Next Generation Diagnostics System Contract 03/26/13
BioFire Diagnostics, Inc. Announces Issuance of U.S. Patent for the FilmArray® System 03/14/13
BioFire Receives FDA Clearance for Updated FilmArray Respiratory Panel Improving Sensitivity and Reactivity of Adenovirus Detection 2/20/13
BioFire FilmArray Respiratory Panel Decreases Turnaround Time and Improves Patient Care 2/12/13
BioFire Diagnostics, Inc. Names Robert Lollini Chief Financial Officer 11/1/12
BioFire Diagnostics, Inc. Appoints Herm Rosenman to Board of Directors 10/18/12
BioFire Diagnostics, Inc. Secures $25 Million Financing from Athyrium Opportunities Fund 9/18/12
Idaho Technology, Inc. Becomes BioFire Diagnostics, Inc. 8/28/12
Idaho Technology Provides FilmArray® Clinical Diagnostic Pipeline Update 08/06/12
ITI Initiates Clinical Study For FilmArray® Blood Culture Identification (BCID) Panel 07/17/12
Idaho Technology to Present at the 2012 American Society of Microbiology (ASM) Genreal Meeting 05/15/12
Idaho Technology Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance for Expanded FilmArray Respiratory Panel 05/15/12
Idaho Technology’s FilmArray Diagnostic Platform Demonstrates Significant Workflow Benefit and Pathogen Specificity 04/25/12
Idaho Technology to Highlight Diagnostic FilmArray Respiratory Panel at 28th Annual Clinical Virology Symposium 04/19/12
Idaho Technology Launches FilmArray® Respiratory Panel at European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases 04/01/12
Idaho Technology, Inc. seeks FDA clearance for the expanded FilmArray Respiratory Panel 01/30/12
Idaho Technology Inc. Delivers 10 Target BioThreat Detection Kit for US Military 01/24/12
Idaho Technology, Inc. Patents Melting Curve Analysis with Exponential Background Subtraction 01/10/12
RAZOR™ EX Passes Department of Homeland Security Sponsered SPADA Evaluation 12/06/11
FDA Clears Flu Tests for JBAIDS 09/28/11
FDA Clears Idaho Technology, Inc. Developed Q Fever Test 06/06/11
Idaho Technology, Inc. Receives FDA Clearance for FilmArray® Instrument 05//2/11
Idaho Technology, Inc. and Bio-Rad Sign License Agreement 12/21/10
Idaho Technolog,y Inc. submits FilmArray® Respiratory Panel to FDA for 510(k) Clearance 11/03/10
Idaho Technology, Inc. Announces New RAZOR Simulant Training Kit Launched for BioDetection Training 09/13/10
Idaho Technology, Inc. Issues License to DuPont Qualicon 07/30/10
Idaho Technology, Inc. Launches New Carousel Centrifuge & Workflow Center 07/21/10
Idaho Technology, Inc. receives AOAC-PTM approval for additional salmonella matrices 04/19/10
Idaho Technology, Inc. to develop flu tests for military 04/15/10
Idaho Technology, Inc. exclusive licensee of patent covering majority of real-time PCR instruments on markets 04/01/10
Applied Biosystems and Idaho Technology, Inc. Enter Broad Patent Cross-licensing Agreement 01/26/10
Idaho Technology, Inc. Begins FDA Clinical Trials for the FilmArray® Respiratory Panel 01/26/10
Idaho Technology, Inc. Launches High Volume Food Test Kit 01/26/10
Idaho Technology, Inc. Issues License to Kapa Biosystems, Inc. 12/15/09
Idaho Technology, Inc.’s FilmArray™ Receives Military Funding for CLIA Waiver Effort 11/30/09
Idaho Technology, Inc. Receives AOAC-RI Validation for E.coli O157:H7 Test 10/06/09
Military Approves H1N1 Testing with Idaho Technology JBAID 10/02/09
Idaho Technology, Inc. Expands Its High Resolution Melting Patent Portfolio 9/29/09
Updated Software Release Improves Accuracy and Sensitivity of Food Security System 8/12/09
Idaho Technology, Inc. Receives $3.6M Grant to further Develop Diagnostic Medical Testing Platform for Undeserved Population 7/22/09
Idaho Technology, Inc. gains Army approval of Platinum Path™ Extraction Kit for Biological Pathogen Detection Program 6/4/09
Idaho Technology, Inc. and Microbiology International Announce Distribution Partnership 4/16/09
Idaho Technology, Inc. Issues License to Thermo Fisher Scientific 4/2/09
Idaho Technology, Inc. Receives AOAC-RI Validation for Listeria Test 2/5/09
Idaho Technology, Inc. Receives AOAC Approval for Salmonella Assay 3/26/08
Plague and Tularemia Detection Kits Receive FDA Clearance 1/03/07
Idaho Technology Awarded Grant for Pathogen Detection System 5/18/07
Idaho Technology Awarded 2007 North American Biological Detection Company of the Year Award 4/23/07
Idaho Technology receives exclusive licensing for “Monitoring Amplification With FRET Probes” patent from the University of Utah 1/17/07
Idaho Technology develops E. coli O157 extraction and detection kit 9/26/06
Idaho Technology, Inc. Releases Ricin Detection Kit 9/06/06
Idaho Technology, Inc.’s RAZOR® System Receives DHS Safety Act Approval 9/06/06
Awarded U.S. Patent for for a high-speed thermal cycler 9/06/06
Anthrax Detection Kit and Instrument Cleared by FDA 12/05/05
2004 Frost & Sullivan Business Development Strategy Leadership Award 11/12/04
Awarded U.S. Patent for Rapid PCR 9/07/04
Awarded U.S. Patent for Use of Dye in PCR 5/23/03
Idaho Technology, Inc. Company Profile 11/1/01
R.A.P.I.D. System Fact Sheet 10/17/01