BioFire Defense develops, manufactures, and sells the fastest, highest-quality machines in the world for real-time detection of pathogens and emerging infection diseases. This technology includes DNA amplification, real-time PCR, and Hi-Res Melting®. Our complement of products include the BioFire FilmArray and RAZOR Mk II instruments along with our expanding line of panels and test kits.

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  • Film Array

    BioFire® FilmArray® BioSurveillance System and Test Kits

    The FilmArray is able to identify, in a closed system, dozens of the most lethal viruses and bacteria, including emerging infectious diseases.
  • Film Array

    RAZOR® Mk II BioDetection System and Test Kits

    Made for field use, the RAZOR Mk II is compact, lightweight, and easy to use. It is a field PCR unit that is fast, with ultra-reliable DNA based results.
  • Film Array

    Government Programs

    BioFire's biological warfare detection systems have become the standard for the US Military and US Agencies