BioFire’s Values and Principles

BioFire Defense is a special-purpose entity primarily engaged in the research, development, and manufacture of specialized biothreat and infectious disease detection and identification systems for the Department of Defense and other Departments and Agencies of the United States Government. Our objective is to prepare our customers for rapid response to biothreats, including emerging epidemic and pandemic threats, and other biological risks to military and civilian health. We also develop and manufacture molecular-based detection and diagnostic systems for the global biodefense industry and other commercial and industrial markets.

As a subsidiary of bioMérieux and a technology leader in the field of fast, easy-to-use, PCR-based molecular diagnostic and detection systems, our mission is to enhance the capability and readiness to protect our armed forces, improve global health, and save lives.

Our success is founded on a commitment to the values and principles that define our character and culture.

BioFire is proud to adhere to its Code of Business Conduct, and it expects its business partners to follow all applicable parts of the Code as well. Click here to read our BioFire Defense Code of Business Conduct.

The “BioFire Principles” are:

We recognize that every customer, partner, and employee adds value and is essential to our success. We encourage continuous learning and self-assessment to enhance personal and professional growth.


We respond to emerging needs and meet customer expectations by remaining agile and anticipating risks. Our dedication to continuous improvement empowers us to employ our leading-edge technology to create innovative solutions to complex problems.


We believe in clear, honest, and respectful communication. We strive to share knowledge, strengthen understanding, and cultivate trust.


We recognize that quality outcomes result from a pursuit of excellence and a commitment to high professional standards. We are dedicated to balancing diverse interests and leveraging individual expertise, creativity, and passion.