Sources of External Control Materials for the FilmArray BioThreat-E Test

Each FilmArray BioThreat-E test contains an internal control that ensures that all processes performed in the test pouch (from nucleic acid extraction, to reverse transcription, to amplification and detection) are occurring correctly. Should a laboratory require external positive control material for protocol verification or lot validation, for example, sources of this material are listed here. Positive clinical material may also be used, if available. Maine Molecular Quality Controls Inc. offers a set of synthetic DNA controls that are amplified by the BioThreat-E test.

Product Name Catalog No. Kit Components Number of each component Order Info
FilmArray Ebola Control Panel M251 M251 FilmArray Ebola Positive Control and
FilmArray Ebola Negative Control
6 tubes x 200 µL of M25218 and
6 tubes x 200 µL of M25318

Phone No:
207-885-1072 x1


  BEI Resources offers several forms of gamma irradiated/inactivated positive control materials. For efficient ordering, please let BEI Resources know that the material will be used with the BioFire FilmArray BioThreat-E test.

Catalog No. Kit Components Order info
#NR-31806 RNA from gamma irradiated Zaire Ebolavirus, Mayinga Click to View External Control
#NR-31807 Gamma irradiated Zaire Ebolavirus, Mayinga Click to View External Control