Terms and Conditions

Here you will find all of the documents you will need to do business with BioFire Defense.

Doing Business with BioFire Defense

*Provided by BioFire Defense’s parent company bioMerieux.

DPAS Rating. Subcontractor/vendor/supplier acknowledges that the Prime Contract for which services and supplies are being purchased is rated “DO-C9” by the Defense Priorities and Allocations System (“DPAS”).  This rating is for national defense, emergency preparedness, and/or energy program use, and subcontractor shall follow all of the requirements of the Defense Priorities and Allocations System regulation (15 CFR 700).  Subcontractor acknowledges that this DPAS rating is automatically flowed down to this Subcontract, and Subcontractor agrees to flow down the rating as applicable to its subcontractors in accordance with DPAS regulations, and to abide by applicable DPAS regulations.  In accordance with 15 CFR 700.13(d)(1) subcontractor/vendor/supplier must provide notification of acceptance or rejection of this order with 15 days of receipt.