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Here you will find technical notes, references, manuals and other support items for both RAZOR and RAZOR EX Instruments and RAZOR Pouches. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact our Technical Support.

Many of these items are Adobe Acrobat files, to download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat, click here Click Here to Download Adobe Acrobat

Technical Notes
RAZOR EX Running Pouches without Bar Codes
RAZOR III and RAZOR EX Battery Compatibility
Sim 10 Pouch Sample Preparation
RAZOR EX Quality Control Test
Nearest Neighbors Tested Against the RAZOR 10 Target Pouch
Test Report Australia – Idaho Technology Inc.’s RAZOR System
Test Report Canada – Idaho Technology Inc.’s RAZOR System
Test Report Spanish – Idaho Technology Inc.’s RAZOR System
Biologic Air-Borne Particle Detection, Sampling, and Identification
Technology Readiness Evaluation 09-1 for BioAgent Technologies

Environmental Test Reports


Brochures and Information Sheets
RAZOR EX Information Sheet
RAZOR Pouch Information Sheet
The 10 Target Screen Kit Information Sheet
Reagent Depot Information Sheet
RAZOR and RAZOR EX Comparison Sheet


Certificates and SDS Sheets
CE Declaration of Conformity – First Generation RAZOR Instrument
CE Declaration of Conformity – RAZOR EX Instrument


Manuals and User Guides
RAZOR EX Training Manual
RAZOR EX Equipment Guide
RAZOR Quick Guides
RAZOR EX Instrument Setup Quick Guide
RAZOR EX Pouch Loading Protocol-at-a-Glance Poster
RAZOR EX Pouch Loading Quick Guide
RAZOR Detection Kit – Pouch Instruction Booklet
The 10 (The Ten) Pouch Card
Simulant Training (The 10) Pouch Card
Yeast Screen Pouch Card
Water Screen Pouch Card
Food Screen Pouch Card
Anthrax Screen Pouch Card
BioThreat 1 Screen Pouch Card
BioThreat 2 Screen Pouch Card
The RAZOR Instrument Users Guide is available for RAZOR customers. Please contact our support department for more information.